Termite Control, Pest & Service Exterminator Near New York City Business

We provide Manhattan and five boroughs of commercial pest control that help businesses grow and maintain their reputation. Pest control in a city requires a high level of readiness, and we have the skills and knowledge to meet your needs. (Vincent Cicileo, Branch Manager)

How do pest control in different cities from suburbs?

When you venture from the outskirts of the city to five districts in New York, pigeons must be a problem. In Manhattan, many old buildings, which help create a lot of pest pressure. For example, structurally, you see more holes, which provide entry points for all types of pests.

We have to ask ... How are things visible on the front of bed-bugs now? International travel must have a big impact, as suggested by the study. Overall, the bottom line is the bed bugs are a big deal in Manhattan. The problem that we often encounter is that there are many gimmick-bed-bug treatments - and people can waste time and money on unsuccessful treatments.

Another problem is preparation. In a hotel setting, we don't usually have problems with pre-treatment preparation, but it's a little more challenging to convince tenants to move the sofa out to treat bed bugs. When people are not ready, bed bugs are very difficult to get rid of. What's interesting is that you never know where a bed bug will appear. We have seen a 5,000 square foot penthouse that is cleaner than clean with bed bugs. The way I see it, having bed bugs like identity theft - can happen to anyone.
New York City Pest Control

What is the most common pest problem facing homeowners in your area?

Mice, ants, cockroaches and wasps are some of the most common pests in the NYC area.

How does the season affect pest activity in your area?

Cold and bad weather brings pests in the room looking for shelter from the elements. Seasonal waves in temperature create significant stinging insect activity. Temperature fluctuations during spring and autumn can affect rodent activity which increases pest access to homes / structures. Increased sunlight or lack of sunlight depending on the season provides additional time pests to look for food and reproductive behavior.

What are the common signs of pest activity around the house?

The appearance of pests and the remnants of their activities such as paper nesting material buried in cracks and cracks, rodents digging around the foundation, gnawing, scratching, and scratching the surface.

Any pest prevention tips for residents in your area?

Sealing any openings can help prevent pests. Be sure to close the door when not in use. Make sure all windows and doors have screening that is not torn and is a small gauge to prevent small insects such as "no-see-ems" from flying through it. Be sure to avoid storing firewood at home. Be sure to prune bushes, hedges, and weeds from the facility. Make sure no excessive water is pooled in the property.

When should homeowners call West?

There's no time wrong. The West can carry out home or business inspections to assess the right program that is suitable for preventive maintenance and solutions for every pest problem at this time.

About Western Pests

Western Pest is a long-standing pest controlling company in the Eastern United States. We offer residential and commercial pest control services near you, including termite protection, bed bug control, and rodent removal. Our comprehensive service offering also includes our Home Protection Plan, a year-round program designed to prevent pests during that duration. If a pest attack occurs in your home or business, trust in Western Pest to deal with the problem safely and effectively

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